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After being humiliated and nicknamed ‘the barren witch’ because she couldn’t conceive a baby due to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

This Nigerian woman has finally decided to show you how she was able to put everyone who looked down on her to shame with an Asian secret remedy that got rid of her pelvic inflammatory disease in 4 weeks.

And how you can also get yours even if you have tried several medications before.

4th, Nov 2022.

Lagos, Nigeria.

“You barren witch from the west, what have you come to do in my son’s house, 3 years of marriage and you haven’t been close to giving my son a child. Whatever is your mission here, tell them that you won’t succeed, because I will make sure you don’t”

These were the exact words from my mother in law on the 24th of may 2018.

A year I will never forget. I suffered a lot of discrimination and humiliation from my mother in law, all because I couldn’t conceive a baby for her son.

My friends who even got married a few months after me were already having their first child.

Even my younger sister, who just got married a few months ago, was already pregnant with her first child.

And here was I, three good years of marriage, yet nothing close to pregnancy.

I was lonely and everyone around me already started to look down on me.

More could be more depressing in a woman’s life.


At first, I thought it was a spiritual problem and I had already started consulting different pastors and spiritual leaders.

But I got to discover I was suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

If you have this disease, it means you have been infected by an infectious disease (it could be any kind of bacteria).

When this bacteria passes through the vagina, it enters the reproductive organs and leads to pelvic inflammatory disease.

After using several drugs and medications that didn’t work, I discovered this little secret remedy that got rid of my PID infection.

And I’m going to reveal it here for you in a moment.

This is a unique remedy you have never heard of.

This secret remedy will help;

  • Dissolve your PID infection regarding the cause and prevent you from being infertile due to this infection.
  • Also, eliminate any kind of infection in your body and boost your libido so you can now have healthier sex and feel active once again.

You are probably wondering if this secret remedy will really help you get rid of your pelvic inflammation disease (PID).

No problem, it’s understandable because so was Mrs. chinyere amadi, who was very skeptical at first but later decided to give it a try.



Here is what she had to say after trying the product.

Even Mrs. Success Anderson that just started using this secret remedy, here’s what she has to say after 2 weeks;

So if you are willing to get rid of your pelvic inflammatory disease in the shortest time possible then you should pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

Because this is a secret remedy you have never heard of before that I am about to show you.

But before then, you need to know this;

Antibiotics are bad for your health.

One of the first lines of treatment your doctor will recommend to you when you are diagnosed with PID is antibiotics.


But do you know that these antibiotics are actually doing your body more harm than good?


Yes, I mean look at this from Google.

It says that 70% of bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics.


Do you know what this means?

Let me explain;

Pelvic inflammatory disease also known as PID is a disease that affects the reproductive organs (vagina, cervix, fallopian tube, and ovary).


It is usually caused by infectious bacteria.


This bacteria could be any type of bacteria but most times it’s usually a sexually transmitted infection like gonorrhea or Chlamydia.


Now what these antibiotics try to do is to attack these bacteria and kill them.


But as we have seen in the stats. Most bacteria (70%) are now resistant to antibiotics.


So instead, the bacteria now destroy the antibiotics.


And it doesn’t just destroy the antibiotics, it also becomes more and more resistant and spreads faster to all the parts of the reproductive organs.


Which makes it more chronic and dangerous to your health.


It’s more like feeding a bloodsucking monster with blood.


You will only end up giving it more energy to conquer you.


And I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself,


Isn’t it?


At this point, you might be asking yourself;

Why would my doctor keep recommending antibiotics that just kill me?

Look, you can’t blame your doctors, and neither can you blame yourself.

If there’s anyone you ought to blame, It should be the big pharmaceutical companies.

I mean, look at it,

It is ‘us’ against ‘them’.

They make more money when you get sick.

They know about natural reliefs like this but they will never recommend any of it to you because they can’t make money from it.

They would rather recommend their conventional drug with its high chance of not being effective and the huge side effects that come with it.

Your doctor only recommends what they have been taught to recommend.

This multi-billion dollar industry has the power to even keep your doctors in the dark.

So if you are using antibiotics and you are seeing this, I advise you to stop immediately.

Because if you keep taking these antibiotics, you would be risking complications.

Complications like scarring of the fallopian tube and damage to the ovaries.

And this is what leads to ectopic pregnancy and infertility, which might not be reversible even after you dissolve the PID infection.

I don’t want that for you,

But I want you to have a better and healthier sexual life, enjoy your relationship and feel active like you used to feel when you were younger.

Which is why I want to introduce you to this secret remedy that changed my life. 

And I would show you in a moment but first, allow me to introduce myself and tell you my story.

Chiamaka and her husband carrying their baby

I am Chiamaka Okafor from Abia State, a mother of 3 wonderful kids.

Year 2018 was a year I won’t want to experience again for the rest of my life.

I haven’t experienced anything of such since we ever got married. It drained me- Emotionally, physically, Spiritually, and Financially.

Apart from draining us, it taught us lots of lessons, I meant life lessons, especially how human treats human all in the name of trying to provide solutions to prevailing problem…

Anyway, that isn’t the reason why I am telling you this.

For more than a week, I had severe itching in my private parts, pain during sex, and brown discharge.

It came as a sudden shock to us because I could not figure out what went wrong or what would have gone wrong.

At first, I thought it was a sexual infection so I visited the doctor for a test.

Which tested negative for any sexually transmitted infection.

What could be the problem? I was so confused, that I even thought it was a spiritual problem.

And I started to visit different churches and did several days of fasting and prayer.

Yet nothing.

My mother-in-law already started calling me names and the society already had their eyes on me.

I can remember my husband looking confused but he still kept pushing me though

I finally decided to see a medical doctor again to test if it was something else

It was then I discovered that I have been suffering from PID

The doctor recommended highly powered antibiotics for me.

I used them as instructed… and after the first 3 days the symptoms reduced, I continued using them straight, until 7 days.

After 2 weeks, we did another set of tests.

The test result came out scanty. Just a few weeks later on, the symptoms came back heavier again!

So, I knew that the PID infection was still very much in my body system!

Why Didn’t the Antibiotics work?

That was how I started my research. And like I have said before the simple truth is infections like most bacterial infections are now resistant to antibiotics.

That means common highly powered antibiotics will not have much effect on the bacteria and microbes that cause infections.

To make it even worse, when you continue using these antibiotics and you are not getting a positive effect from them, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of getting more infections that resist antibiotic treatment.

While on the verge of getting a lasting remedy. An old friend of mine, Adaeze introduced me to a Consultant.

I explained how the pelvic inflammatory disease infection has affected my marriage, destroyed my immune system, affected our health, and also affected my fertility.


She recommended this “ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE ” that helped her cure this same disease.

I was naïve and skeptical about this because I have used even more expensive products but nothing seemed to work.

The Consultant claimed that the product has even helped with other infections like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and others.

While treating the root cause of the problem and banishing it for life from the body system.

According to the health expert, the major difference is that this solution is purely herbal, and gives a permanent cure.

Once you complete the herbal treatment, you will not fall into any relapse of the infection recurring anymore!

I quickly begged her to help me get the same capsule so I can use it as well to get rid of infections before it became something else.

She agreed and sent it to me.

I wanted to be sure the capsule do not have any side effects.

You can’t blame me though because I have bought several drugs that usually give some nasty side effects like headaches, stomach pains, etc.

So, I decided to first give the product to an old-time Pharmacist friend, Charity who worked at a big Pharmacy and Diagnostic center on the Island.

She analyzed the constituents and found out that it was purely herbal and did not have side effects.

Immediately, I started taking them… After 2 weeks of using it, we were surprised at the results I got…


The brown discharge I usually get before stopped, and the pains I feel in my private parts stopped.


No more itching on my private part again. 


Also, there I no longer feel any burning sensation or pain when urinating.


Our urine became much clearer, with no more wormlike movement in our entire body. The internal heating has also stopped.


We decided to finish the entire product before we went to the hospital for another test. When the results came out… we were grateful to God…


I tested negative for PID and every other infection.


Just to confirm, after a few weeks, we went to another Diagnostic Medical center for the same test, and the results were still negative.


To still confirm the results, I decided to give the same remedy to our inner circle of friends and colleagues that have similar issues of pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), or Sexually transmitted disease (STD) that had discussed the matter with us in private…


Likewise, they all came back and marveled about how the herbal treatment helped flush off infections from their body system, and completely wipes out stubborn infections that are resistant to over-the-counter antibiotic drugs and injections.


And the best part of all is that they never felt even a slight headache when using it (no side effects at all).


The solution is here, just hang on a bit!

Introducing to you the;


The ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE is a 100% safe, potent and organic remedy for pelvic inflammatory diseases and all female infections


CFD WELLNESS GLOBAL NIG LTD is a fully registered health and wellness company in Nigeria.

They are licensed to consult, formulate, produce, import, export, market and sell natural health products.

We are licensed by the Lagos State Government traditional medicine Board as certified Traditional medicine practitioners.

We serve the populace with highly potent and effective 100% natural health solutions such as the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE 

The ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE is made with highly premium herbs sourced from different parts of the world like Asia and Japan.

This is why when we run out of stock, it could take up to 3 months to restock because we only make use of natural premium herbs from different parts of the world.

And this is what makes the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE stand out from other supplements that have their herbs refined.

These are some of the benefits you get when you use the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE;

  • With the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE,  you can now treat and effectively flush stubborn PID and STI in your body for good because of its strong antibiotics, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It will also help you regulate good vaginal bacteria which helps prevent you from the reoccurrence of infection.
  • It contains herbs that give you natural relief from all forms of pelvic pain and inflammation.
  • It also helps to boost your immune system which in turn protects the reproductive organs as this helps to boost your fertility.

Do you know what all these means;

It means the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE will give you your life back.

Just like it has done Mrs. Anna john who got cleared in less than 2 months;

You can now wake up feeling energetic and active as you used to be when you were younger.

You can also wake up feeling optimistic about your day rather than dreading any pain.

And you can even spend as much time as you want with your spouse.

No other treatment can do this for you.

And unlike other remedies, this one is safe and it helps relieve the problem.


If you are sick of the burning and painful sensation in your vagina

And you want to know what it feels like once again to wake up each day without feeling dreadful about any pain whatsoever.

Then you owe it to yourself to not let another day pass by until you give ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE a choice to work for you.

When the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE was released, it was considered to be at #50,000 per bottle. Due to its very high potent and massive result rate of 96% (like no other)

While you might think that is pretty high. 

You have to remember that there’s nothing else like ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE in the marketplace today.

The ingredients used in making the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE are very limited and it is sourced only from the best, quality, and natural ingredients from different parts of the world.

Like I said before, it is the main reason why we are always running out of stock.

Whenever the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE is in stock, it goes out extremely fast.

Because we have a lot of specialist doctor (who have seen the light) and thousands of distributors who always pre-order 

Imagine bringing in 60,000 units of an item and it finishes in 3 days, because people have placed thousands of preorder

Think about it.

You could spend at least #50,000  to  #100,000 monthly  on trial and error  trying various antibiotics or other remedies in the market and still not get even 10% of the benefits you get from a single bottle of ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE

This is why I do think #50,000 per bottle is a fair price for the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE

But while this may be the case,

I also understand that many are on a fixed income.

And you probably have spent a ton of money on other remedies that didn’t work.

Therefore, #50,000 may be too much to ask.

So after much back and forth between myself and the company, I have decided to give you a special discount from right here on this page.

A discount that will allow you to try one bottle of ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE for not #50,000.

Not even at #40,000 

Because I understand that getting out of pain and regaining independence isn’t just important.

It is essential.

And that is why I have created this special discount for you.

Place your order today and get the




#20,500 Naira 

Standard Treatment 

(1 Pack)

#29,500 Naira 

Complete Treatment 

(2 Pack)

And that’s not all,

When you order for the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE,

you also get the following for free.

Bonus 1:


You get a free one-on-one consultation with our in-house consultants 

Valued at #30,000.


Bonus 2:


You also get a free follow-up on your health to ensure you get the best results.

Value at #40,000


Total value = #30,000+#40,000 = #70,000.

So all these bonuses together are worth #70,000 and you are getting them all for free when you PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY ONLY


I mean,

What are you waiting for?

Click on the ‘order now’ button now and give yourself a chance to start experiencing the pain-free life you deserve.


Are you ready to take advantage of this life-changing offer?

You need to act fast now.

I can’t guarantee you how long this will be up.

Because we are under constant fire from the big pharmaceutical companies.

Once they see this, they can take it down immediately.

That’s how powerful these multi-billion dollar companies are

And the way I see it now, you have 2 different options.

Option 1:

You can keep doing what you have been doing before.

Keep trying those ORTHODOX REMEDIES recommended to you and continue putting your life at risk.


Option 2: which is the one I recommend by the way?

Is simply do what others like you have done and try the ANTI-PID HERBAL CAPSULE

It’s a safe decision.

You see it’s no coincidence you are here now and I know it means you are ready for a change.

Please trust yourself to make the right decision.

Make your choice below;

please click on the button below to speak or chat with our health consultants

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