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If you are a man/woman looking for a way to reverse diabetes, then you might want to pay attention to this because I am about to reveal to you;

A new hidden discovery made by scientists that shows the real root cause of diabetes and why everything you have tried has failed to work.

Also buried in this letter is how diabetes can be reversed without having to inject yourself with more ins@lin or restrict your diet.

If you are worried about your diabetes?


Probably your doctor has told you there’s no cure, whatsoever.


But you are still looking for a way to reverse your diabetes.


The solution to your problem is here.

Let me explain.

New research published by Medical and life sciences publications now shows the real root cause of diabetes.

Being diagnosed with diabetes means your body does not produce ins@lin or your body doesn’t produce enough ins@lin to regulate your blood sugar.


But that isn’t the root cause.


According to this new research discovery, it is shown that the loss of beta cells in the pancreas is the root cause of diabetes.


Therefore, reversing your diabetes is very simple, all you have to do is restore and prevent further loss of these beta cells.


But to do that, you need to first understand what causes the loss of the beta cells.


And I am going to show you in a moment.


Once you understand what causes the beta cells in the pancreas to lose their function.


Reversing diabetes becomes no big deal.


Imagine being free from the uncomfortable symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, feeling tired and weak, feeling more thirsty than usual, etc.


Imagine you don’t have to give up on your favorite foods again.


Imagine being free from constantly sticking yourself with needles to check your blood sugar level.


Your feet and hand no longer feel numb again.


This could be you, a few months from now.


And I want you to believe that, not because I said so.


But because it has even been proven by the University of Newcastle that diabetes is reversible.

And in a few moments, I will be showing you how you can reverse diabetes, together with scientific proof that supports it.


But first, before that,

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you my story.

One that you would really love to hear.

My name is Victor Solomon and I am a medical doctor based in Lagos.


And I have always been in perfect health until I started to develop blurred vision, I started to urinate frequently every day and night and I already started to lose weight because of dehydration.


I started to feel so weak and tired at the hospital that even the nurses were already starting to notice.


I went for a test and that was when I was diagnosed with diabetes.


On hearing this, I felt really bad and disappointed because I will now have to live my life constantly receiving ins@lin injections.


‘Is this the end?, after 9 years of study in school and 6 years in practice, this is how I am going to end up’. I asked myself.


I knew I couldn’t just give up like this, so in desperation, I decided to reverse this diabetes at all costs.


I went into research at home and abroad and I was determined to find a way to reverse diabetes in the most natural way possible.


And to God be the Glory, after 2 years of research, I bumped into this discovery that helped me reverse my diabetes naturally.


I was able to reverse my diabetes from 300 mg/dl to 70 mg/dl.


I am going to show you how I was able to successfully reverse my diabetes and the natural remedy that helped me.

But you need to understand the root cause of this ailment in the first place.

As you probably know, the pancreas is the organ that is responsible for regulating your blood sugar level.


It produces insulin, which is a hormone that regulates blood sugar.


So if your blood sugar is high, it’s either your pancreas is not producing insulin at all (type 1 diabetes)


Or there’s not enough insulin to regulate blood sugar (type 2 diabetes).

Now, here is where your doctor gets it wrong.

They try to regulate the ins@lin levels artificially by injecting doses of ins@lin into the body.


Instead of treating the root cause that leads to the lack of ins@lin itself.


The loss of function of the beta cells in the pancreas is the real cause of diabetes and unless you treat this.


You will only continue to get the same results.


So here’s the real question,

How do you treat the root cause of diabetes and restore the lost beta cells?

In a research study done in the University of Alberta, it was shown that there’s a gene in the pancreas that determines whether the beta cells will live or die.

Triggering this gene could protect surviving cells and regenerate cells destroyed by the immune system.


It was this study that helped us at CFD WELLNESS to create the first-ever revolutionary solution for diabetes

And we named it,



We decided to become a world leader in creating a solution for this problem that could be used by folks who desire to improve their health.


CFD WELLNESS has built a reputation for finding innovative health solutions in nature – solutions that are backed by extensive research.


The DIAB-REVERSE HERBAL consists of Herbal ingredients that help to trigger the gene in the pancreas.


Meaning, the DIAB-REVERSE HERBAL has no side effects.


So you are 100% safe.


And you may be thinking…

But my doctor says there’s no cure for diabetes, how come you say there’s a cure for it?

You see, your doctors only prescribe what they have been told to prescribe right from medic@l school.

So you can’t blame your doctors if there’s anyone you should blame.

It is the big pharmaceutical companies worth billions of dollars you should blame.

They have the influence to keep even your doctors in the dark.

These guys don’t care about you and me.

The more sick we get, the more money they make.

Now, you see why you should take your health into your own hands.

The reason why your doctor’s prescription has not been working for you is because they don’t treat the root cause of diabetes itself.

Which as you have seen earlier is due to the loss of beta cells in the pancreas.

And a gene is what is responsible for this loss.

And unless this gene is triggered, you won’t be able to completely reverse diabetes.

Like these people;



DIAB-REVERSE is GMP certified (good manufacturing practice) (GMP)


DIAB-REVERSE is F.D.A (U.S.A) approved 


DIAB-REVERSE is NAFDAC (Nigeria) approved 


DIAB-REVERSE have Zero Side effects 




So yeah,

What is the price of the


The starting price for


N30,000 Naira Each

But because you have done us the courtesy of reading up to this point.

You would be getting a special discount right here on this page.

So you can now purchase the DIAB-REVERSE HERBAL at a discounted price of

N20,500 Naira

(1 pack)


N39,500 Naira

For Premium Complete Treatment

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Because we will never roll-out this kind of offer ever again

No business would ever continue to offer their products at a price that gives the business zero profit 

And I must warn you.

We are common with the statement “we are out of stock”.

And this is because we are only able to produce a limited quantity.

Because we only make use of premium herbal ingredients.

Sourced from different parts of the world.

Hence, if this is something that you know you need.


Then I would advise you to place an order as soon as possible.


Because right now, there are hundreds of people reading this page as you are reading now.


I don’t want you to come back later and then you would have to wait for the next batch to place an order.


And also, we are very much convinced that the DIAB-REVERSE HERBAL will work for you

So why not take a chance now?

It’s no coincidence that you have read up to this point.

You can either keep doing what you have been doing and put your health at risk.

Or you can do what other people have done to reverse their diabetes and try the DIAB-REVERSE HERBAL

At Least you have nothing to lose.

It’s your choice now.

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