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Are you willing to go from we@k or No Er@ction Man to iron-clad er@ction???

Then pay attention

Because I am about to show you how I accidentally discovered a potent solution that helped me gain a sturdy oak tree er@ction and BANG my wife like I used to in my 20s.

This has nothing to do with Vi@gra or some testosterone inj@ction. This is something you never seen because the big drug companies hide the truth from you.

My hot wife was lying n@ked on bed ready for some hot sex, but I failed her again, woefully this time.


It was really like the movies as we removed our clothes, piece by piece, from the dining table in the sitting room to her bedroom. We were just so into it.


The last piece of clothing comes off in the bedroom and we both fall on the bed still kissing and cuddling.


I pinched her n*pples, caressing her bre@sts, as I moved down slowly to pull down her pants. I could feel the vibrations from her body as she moaned in anticipation for one of the best sex of her life.


I pulled out my p@nis and tried to slide it into her v@gina but it failed. This time around I couldn’t get hard at all. It had gotten worse.

What happened, she asked…

I told her it was due to stress at work, I couldn’t get hard. She nodded her head, giving a half smile.


The kind of smile people give you when they are disappointed in you but try to conceal it.


I have never felt this embarrassed as a man in my life. I felt so unmanly and have failed my wife again.


You see, having a we@k er@ction has a devastating impact on not only your performance in bed but also your self-esteem and self-confidence as a man.


I started to feel we@k as a man, I lacked the motivation to get things done and my relationship with people was affected too.


People around me started to treat me with less respect, it was almost like they could see how badly I performed in bed.


That was how devastating the impact of er@ctile dysfunction was in my life.

You are probably wondering why I am sharing this deep and personal story with you.

My experience with we@k er@ction has forced me on a journey to discover the real truth about the cause and treatment of we@k er@ction.


Many things we have been told about er@ctile dysfunction are pure lies.


We have been lied to a lot, by these big drug companies who make money from our suffering.


I mean let’s face it, it’s just us against them.


The more men with er@ctile dysfunction, the more money they make.


They are living in big mansions, with their kids schooling in top schools abroad, all because of ignorant men like you, who still keep buying their drugs, because the real truth about er@ctile dysfunction has been hidden from you.


Look, we@k er@ction has nothing to do with age or some psychological stress – something your doctor tells you.


There are men aged 60 and above who still perform in bed with their wives as they did in their 20s and 30s.


These men never do surgery or take harmful medic@tions like Vi@gra, which have some life-threatening side effects.


These men were able to maintain their strong er@ctions even in old age naturally with this secret remedy I will be sharing with you in a moment.

And that’s not even all.


Right here on this page, I will be showing you;


  • The real cause of your we@k er@ction (Er@ctile dysfunction).


  • Why you should stop taking Er@ctile dysfunction drugs like Vi@gra


And finally, I will be showing you the…


  • Natural remedy that took me from a we@k man in the bedroom to an ironclad er@ction man within a month.


If this is something you are interested in, I would advise you to pay attention to what I am about to share with you on this page.


Trust me, the big pharmaceutical companies and government will not be happy with the secrets I will be sharing here.


This page might be taken down by them any moment from now.

Yeah! So before I go into sharing with you what this natural remedy is…

Yeah! So before I go into sharing with you what this natural remedy is…

Allow me to introduce myself to you and tell you how I got to discover this secret remedy.

My name is Paul Akintola and I am 44 years old.


About 3 years ago, er@ctile dysfunction almost destroyed my life and marriage.


I got married to my beautiful wife at the age of 29 and like most men, we used to have the most pleasurable sex.


I could go hard anytime and bang her for long periods until we both reached climax.


However, things started to decline when I started approaching the age of 40.


I could no longer hold a strong and lasting er@ction. I was a disappointment to myself and my wife every night in bed.


My er@ction started to decline until that night when I couldn’t even hold an er@ction at all.


I felt so unmanly, and I knew my wife was completely disappointed in me this time around.


It looked like she had lost all hope in me at that time.


You know, you can’t blame her. She has been the most patient woman recently.


My wife is one beautiful woman and she likes to take care of her body and skin.


She even goes to the gym at least 3 times a week. So she needs pleasurable sex, every once in a while.


Er@ctile dysfunction almost destroyed my life, as I started to lose my self-esteem and confidence as a man.


It affected almost all areas of my life and this continued for 2 years until I accidentally found a natural solution.

Let me tell you about it.

At work, I had just been promoted and I was appointed with some of my other colleagues to represent the company at a dinner party in another state.


We were meant to stay for 3 days so we booked a hotel for the 3 days. The second day was the day of the dinner party.


So I met with some other colleagues from different companies and states. We exchanged pleasantries and we were having a fun night.


At some point in our discussion, we started talking about the fun stuff we did in college.


You know, the parties, the girls, how we met our wives and the other men’s gist stuff.


The dinner was getting interesting and I was excited because I could relate to all the stuff we were talking about until we started talking about our sex lives.


This reminded me of how I couldn’t even get an er@ction with my wife a few days ago with my wife.


I started to feel we@k and my esteem became shallow again. I wasn’t able to contribute to the discussion again.


Then a friend of mine from the table asked how I was feeling, I told him I was fine and he shouldn’t worry.


His name is John and we had just met at the party. We talked quite a bit and he seemed like a cool man.


The dinner party ended. And we headed back to our rooms.


Only for me to find out that John’s apartment was just beside mine.


I was surprised. We exchanged pleasantries again. He asked me again what happened at the table, looking deep into my eyes like he was so concerned.


At first, I was reluctant to tell him anything, but he insisted, so I told him we would talk the next morning.


It was 8 a.m. and I had just gotten up from bed and the next thing I heard was a knock on my door.


“This early morning, who could that be?” I stood, wondering who was knocking at my door by this time of the morning.


I opened the door and it was John.


Hi John, it’s you, how are you – I greeted.


He responded, I am fine and walked into my room.


I knew what he was here for, but I never thought he would be this concerned about me.


He sat on the couch, face to face with me and we discussed.


I explained to him how badly my sexual performance had declined and how I failed my wife in bed every night.


Guess what he said after I explained my situation to him?


“I thought as much”


I looked at him with a confused face saying ‘What do you mean?’.


He said that he has suffered from er@ctile dysfunction, so he completely understands what I am going through.


His own even started earlier at the age of 32 and he suffered from er@ctile dysfunction for years before he found a solution.


He told me, if only men understood the real cause of their er@ctile dysfunction, there would be almost nothing like er@ctile dysfunction.

You see, the root cause of Er@ctile Dysfunction has nothing to do with stress or some hormone in the body.

Those might contribute to the cause of Er@ctile dysfunction, but 85% of er@ctile dysfunction in men has nothing to do with stress or hormones.


The main cause of er@ctile dysfunction in men is due to a small muscle in the p@nis.


It is called the smooth muscle and the function of this muscle is to trap blood in the p@nis when it is erect.

Let me explain…

Whenever there’s sexual arousal, our brain sends a signal to the body and pumps blood to the p@nis. In the p@nis, the smooth muscle traps the blood being pumped to the p@nis and causes er@ction.


The longer the smooth muscle can hold the blood, the longer your er@ction lasts.


Now for some reason, in most men, these smooth muscles have become we@k and are unable to trap blood.


So now, you see that your hormones aren’t responsible for your er@ction. Your hormones can be fine, your brain can send the right signal, but if your p@nis can’t trap enough blood, nothing can work.


This is why medic@tions like Vi@gra, only work temporarily. They only help to pump more blood into the p@nis, and if the muscle in the p@nis can’t hold the blood, what’s the use?


Not to mention the dangerous side effects of these medic@tions like headache, stomach ache, nasal congestion (stuffy nose), back pain, muscle pain, nausea, and dizziness.


And even the more life-threatening side effects like heart attacks and stroke.


You might get a heart attack suddenly without any warning or indication due to using these Vi@gra medic@tions.


Now, did you know that in a research study done in 2019, it was reported that the percentage of men suffering er@ctile dysfunction as of 2019 was around 44 per cent?

And that was in 2019, what the percentage is in 2023, it would be over 50%.


This is to let you know that you are not alone and you can’t blame yourself for er@ctile dysfunction because it is not your fault.


And if there’s anyone to blame, it should be the Government and big pharma companies that hide the real cause of this problem from us and tell us that it is a psychological problem(stress).


They only lie to us so that they can buy expensive houses at home and abroad and enjoy their life to the fullest, while we suffer.


I asked him…

How come you know so much about er@ctile dysfunction?

He then said to me, all thanks to my Younger brother, I know all this because he’s an Andrologist


Wow, awesome stuff – I complimented.


Then I asked how he was able to overcome er@ctile dysfunction


I teamed up with my brother (the Andrologist), we decided to do our own research and come up with a solution for myself, because I also had ED.


After one and a half years of research, we came up with a remedy made from herbs collected from different countries.


We made it ourselves. I tried it and it worked. It’s been 2 years since I last experienced a we@k er@ction and my wife and I still make love like we are in our 20s.


This remedy worked so well and it has no side effects since it is made from only pure and natural herbs.


I also make it for some of my friends who have issues with getting erect and the results. They always come back thanking me. (He showed me some WhatsApp messages of his friends thanking him).


I can make one for you so you can try it out and testify too.


I agreed, he gave me his address and told me to visit him the next weekend.

The three-day meeting ended and I traveled back with my colleagues.


The next weekend, I was able to reach John and get the remedy he told me about.


I used it as instructed…


And guess what!


I got my er@ction back, I was able to f*ck my wife hard again.


In just 4 weeks of using the product.


I began to have sex like I used to in my late 20s.


My sex drive skyrocketed and I could get very hard anytime I wanted.


Imagine even above 40 you still bang your wife like you are in your 20s


Imagine the impact on your self-esteem and confidence.


You will see that your family and friends will now treat you with respect.


That’s because they can feel the sense of masculinity in you.


The remedy is all you need.


I used it and it worked for me. So I came up with the idea that we should make this thing available to the public.


I discussed with John how we could be helping thousands of Nigerian men with er@ctile dysfunction, and he agreed.


So we p*rtnered with CFD WELLNESS, a Trado-medical health and wellness company in Lagos Nigeria.  We took our product f@rmula to them and they conducted their research and it passed all.

They approved it and agreed to partner with us.


Allow me to introduce you to the newly improved and first of its kind… 




All thanks to CFD wellness, Erectoboost is now available to the public.


You can finally say goodbye to er@ctile dysfunction.


All you need to do is take this Erectoboost every morning and night for up to 1 month


And you would be surprised how hard you would get within just 1 week of using this potent honey-based Ed cure syrup.

You can enjoy a strong lasting er@ction like the following people;

Oh, You Are Wondering How Much The Erectoboost Cost?

You see, considering how challenging it is to source the Erectoboost ingredients from over 12 countries all over the world, the production cost for Erectoboost became high and we first decided to sell it at;

N30,000 Naira 

Per single pack


We wouldn’t be selling to you today at that price, and that’s because we want to help as many men as possible put a final end to embarrassment and shame of We@k P@nis


If you place your order for Erectoboost right now,


You will be getting a bottle of Erectoboost for


N20,500 Naira

Yes, you heard me right!

N20,500 Naira


Standard Treatment

1 pack of Erectoboost


N39,500 Naira


Complete Treatment

3 packs of Erectoboost

Kindly Note That;

No matter what treatment plan you order for;


Erectoboost is a multiple award winning product that rake in 100’s of testimonials every day from users all over the world.




The Erectoboost is to be taken every Morning and Night


Newly Added!

Here is some newly added benefits you will get by ordering for Erectoboost right Now;

we will send you;

1. Correct list of Foods, Habits and Lifestyle That complicates ED 

2. Correct list of Nigerian Foods, Fruits and Vitamins that truly supports the permanent treatment of ED

3. Expert Advice on other things to do to get 100% maximum results 


All the hard work already done for you

Just swim in results


Please Note that;

All the above mentioned information would only be sent your WhatsApp Number AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE PRODUCTS


Dear Customer

In our 7 years of being in the field of treating ED we have discovered that one of the major causes of ED is blockage of the veins that supply blood to the manhood (to create an erection).

This is the reason why it’s mostly people above 38 years that have ED challenges, because it takes 2 to 3 decades for cholesterol and plaques deposits to finally cause this blockage.


This discovery and implementation of its solution has made us the most successful in Africa in the area of ED treatment.


Our strong desire to see you get cured is why we are now suggesting cfd wellness flagship (number one) product to you called CHOLEXDUZ

Cholexduz is the number 1 heart and veins cleanser in Africa, which has received awards of excellence 5 years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.)


in 2021 and 2022 we sold Cholexduz with 500% money back guarantee and after over 196,000 Orders Worldwide, Nobody Requested for a refund


While Erectoboost is treating the root cause of the problem.

Cholexduz is there enforcing the desired result by making sure that there’s nothing standing in the way.


We have seen 6 years of ED get cured by taking only Cholexduz, Like the man below;


Erectoboost is like buying a new car.

Cholexduz is like constructing new and smooth roads along your neighborhood.


Of what Good is it to buy new car when the only road you will drive it is very bad, filled with pot holes, pit holes and muds.

How long will the car last?


Erectoboost will work excellently without Cholexduz

But Combining Erectoboost and Cholexduz would give a far more excellent and lasting result


So if you have the means, Please Include Cholexduz to your Order

It’s Your Wellness That Gives Us Joy

78% Of Everyone That Ordered Erectoboost Included Cholexduz To Their Order


If you have trouble placing an order please call the number below

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