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Staphylococcus aureus is not the most dangerous STI out there


Gonorrhea is not the most dangerous STD out there


Syphilis is not the most dangerous STI out there


Chlamydia is not the most dangerous STD out there


Yeast Infection is not the most dangerous Infection out there


Urinary Tract Infection can be quite embarrassing, but its not the most dangerous Infection out there


Do you want to know what the most dangerous STI/STD out there is? 


I will tell you.


The most dangerous STI/STD in the world is actually an act.  


It’s the act of being nonchalant /neglecting to declare full blown war upon STI’s/STD’s when we notice them in their early stage. The act of being fully aware that we have got an infection but choosing to relax, keep managing it and do nothing about it. Probably because of lack of funds to pursue proper treatment or other reasons


THIS, my brothers and sisters, is the main infection that have destroyed many people’s lives



Over the years I have counseled over 300,000 patients for CFD WELLNESS, I speak to at least 100 people every day, with 1 health problem or the other, and I have come to realize a very consistent pattern, listen carefully as I begin to dish out secrets to you.


I think it would be beneficial for you to know that;


70% of all infertility in marriages is caused by prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s in both partners


85% of Low sperm count & motility in men is caused by prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s


85% of all cases of PELVIC INFLAMATORY DISEASES IN WOMEN (which prevents them from conceiving) are caused by prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s


40% of all cases of E.D in Nigeria are caused by prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s


40% of all cases of impotency in men are caused by prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s


Quick ejaculation, Watery sperm and declining sexual performance in men is always linked to prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s


Wait, am not just assume some stats. for you o, am giving you real authentic data obtained from the people I have treated and helped overcome certain health challenges



Prolonged, poorly treated or neglected STI’s/STD’s, singlehandedly, is capable of rendering a very healthy man, total useless sexually



  1. Red and swollen boils on the skin, filled with pus. These Boils occur most often under the arms or around the groin or buttocks
  2. greater frequency or urgency of urination
  3. a pus-like discharge or drip from your p*nis (this discharge could be yellow, white, beige, or greenish)
  4. discoloration and swelling at the p*nis opening
  5. swelling or pain in the testes
  6. itching and soreness in your anus
  7. rectal bleeding or discharge
  8. pain when having bowel movements
  9. watery, creamy, or greenish v*ginal discharge
  10. provocative v*gina odor
  11. pain or burning while urinating
  12. Heavier periods or spotting between periods
  13. pain during penetrative v*ginal s*x
  14. sharp pain in your lower abdomen
  15. a persistent sore throat
  16. tiredness
  17. muscle ache
  18. head aches
  19. weight loss


If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, just know that God in heaven has answered your prayers by bringing you to this page


They say manner would not fall from heaven these days, but it’s the same God of manners that always Order our steps to the right place at the right time


My greatest advice to you is to make your sure you do not contract the real infection of procrastination and nonchalant as described in this page. Make sure you take actions immediately and declare full w*r against STD’s/STI’s so that you can be free for life.



The quest to cure infection completely has not been an easy one, if it was, then you wouldn’t be on this page today.


Many innocent people have been taken advantage of by mere marketers who package a lot bullshits without track record of effectiveness and sell to them.


And the most annoying part is that most of these products have Nafdac Approval Number but they don’t work. Some even have terrible side effects.  Nafdac doesn’t vet for effectiveness of a product. Their job is only to verify that the product is safe for public consumption and it cannot harm a person mortally


Some of the so called infection treatment would just suppress the infection for some time, only for it to resurface again. People are just wasting money up and down. Money that is hard to come by these days



If you are one of the people described above


If you are tired of wasting money in the name of searching for infection treatment


I bring you good news today,


But before I share the good news I would like to let you know that the greatest comeback you can ever pull is to make sure that you cured that stubborn infection FINALLY


Once you do that, then all money you think you have been wasting would become meaningful to you and your mind would become sweet and free



May God guide your mind always to the right thought and decisions, may your feet always take you to the right places where you will only receive value and addition not subtraction and may all your efforts never be in vain (amen)



The world’s number guaranteed and most effective treatment for all std’s and sti’s is the




Let me tell you one secret about FLUSH PRO. 

CFD WELLNESS has 3 premium products and flush pro is one of them, another one of the 3 premium products is our “Prostate Shrinker X.O. (Xtra Ordinary) TEA” which is only given to stop patients that have been booked for operation In 2 WEEKS (from undergoing that operation) by delivering massive results fast.


What CFD WELLNESS means by premium product is this;

  2. NOT ACCESSIBLE TO FIRST TIME CLIENTS, but only premium clients



How people have been getting this product for the past 4 years is by writing to cfd wellness admin, indicating why they need the product and why they think their request should be granted. You should see the joy in their faces when the reply comes out positive


It was not until November 2022, after receiving thousands of request from flush pro users who pleaded that cfd wellness should make flush pro accessible by everyone. That the organization finally bowed to pressure and made FLUSH PRO accessible to the general public



I personally enjoy using the flush pro to treat cfd wellness clients. My favorite part that gets me excited is when the patients start saying things like;


“Doc. You have no idea what I have taken for this infection; I have spent a lot I have been battling with this infection for and so number of years” 


I would just be laughing in my mind and sometimes I would reply them; “is that all? Oya! Let’s see what happens in the next 7 days”


Their FEEDBACKs is always a BOMB

No problem/resistance in the world can survive the correct amount of force needed to vanquish it. If it doesn’t move, then it means the force is not enough. And if you supply more than the required force the problem would vaporize


FLUSH PRO Permanently Treats


All Sexual Transmitted Diseases and Infections 


Boosts Fertility and Immune system 


Corrects Hormonal Imbalances




This is not your usual marketing gospel YE ye YE Believe me God’s answer to your prayer over the years is by letting you to discover this product


Because the FLUSH PRO works seriously (and nobody in the world leaves anything that works anything at all)





FLUSH PRO is GMP certified (good manufacturing practice) (GMP)


FLUSH PRO is F.D.A (U.S.A) approved 


FLUSH PRO is NAFDAC (Nigeria) approved 


FLUSH PRO have Zero Side effects 




The Current price for FLUSH PRO in 2023 is

N30,000 Naira 

Per single pack


Here is our Special Promo Price Offer for you today 

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Because we will never roll-out this kind of offer ever again

No business would ever continue to offer their products at a price that gives the business zero profit 



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Take your intimacy with your patner to the next level by giving her the level of satisfaction she can only dream of 

PerfMax (performance maximum) is our Premium Product 100% effective for helping a man sustain rock solid erection, delayed ejaculation and massive boost of energy

Go multiple rounds of sex without cum*ng or feeling tired 


This is Actually a MUST HAVE for every man, whether you have challenges in that area or not

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The Normal Price is 14,500 + extra delivery charges 


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PerfMax is NAFDAC APPROVED with No Side Effect


Dear highly esteemed potential client, 


I want you to take a minute and reflect on the caliber of personality that you are.


I strongly believe that you know that you have outgrown this level of shadowboxing, guessing, doing trial and error with your body


buying and consuming all manner of nonsenses that do not work in the name of seeking treatment for infection 


I also strongly believe that your body is not for experimentation, you are not a lab rat for Christ sake


Get the FLUSH PRO now and put a permanent end to this prolonged infection matter once and for all, so that you can focus on other important part of your precious life. 


this infection matter is draining too much of your time, energy and money and also making you lose confidence when you are with your partner


Lets end this infection matter ONCE AND FOR ALL. PLEASE!


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