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How do you know that you have an ulcer?

  1. pains at the middle of the back 
  2. chronic waist pains
  3. sudden or sharp abdominal pains that doesn’t go away 
  4. heart burn/burning sensation in the chest 
  5. pains at the center of the chest 
  6. Indigestion 
  7. excessive gas in the stomach
  8. pains in the throat 
  9. vomiting 
  10. dull pains in the stomach 
  11. nausea
  12. bloating/belching 
  13. fear of eating (because of pains)
  14. lack of appetite (feeling easily full)
  15. weight loss 
  16. bloody or dark poop
  17. feeling dizzy or fainty 

The symptoms mentioned above are not to be joked with 

If you experience any of them you are highly advised to take action against it immediately 

because failure to do so is like gambling with ones life 

Anyone with Severe Ulcer is like someone sitting on a time bomb 

They can experience a painful death any time without notice 

because severe ulcer pains is a FAST KILLER and yet most people trivialize it by looking for home remedies to manage it instead of seeking the permanent cure 

I personally, have lost 3 of my good friends/neighbors to severe ulcer this year alone

But don’t worry,

such will not be your case because, scientists in Africa have discovered a true lasting cure for all INTERNAL ULCERS 

Internal ulcers


There are 3 major reasons why ulcer is hard to heal

If not for these 3 reasons, any medicine you take for ulcer would have cured your ulcer a long time ago;

The reasons are;

  1. Stomach Ulcers are situated at an ever wet and ever moving part of the body
  2. Bacteria activities have not been halted
  3. Orthodox procedure for treating ulcer doesn’t work

Stomach ulcers are situated at an ever wet and ever moving part of the body

Instability and ever wetness of our digestive tract is the major reason why ulcer sores is so hard to heal, unlike an open wound where breeze and heat from the environment can help keep the wound dry so that it can heal fast

Our digestive tract receives loads of food and fluids multiple times a day. This food and fluids makes the ulcer sores to remain ever fresh and open and in turn retards the healing process greatly

Bacteria activities have not been halted

The truth be told, one of the biggest reason why most of us are yet to receive a lasting cure for ulcer is because, upon all the various ulcer medications we have taken, we are yet to truly terminate all helicobacter pylori bacteria activities in our digestive track.

This is just the basic truth, especially for those people whom their ulcers were caused by this h-pylori bacteria.

The h-pylori bacteria that created these sores called ulcers in the walls of our digestive tract are still very much alive and actively boring new, deeper sores in our digestive tract

If we can truly successfully terminate all h-pylori bacteria activities in your digestive tract, we are already 50% healed from ulcer, because all that would be left is just the healing of the already made sores called ULCERS

It can be likened to someone with a leaking pocket, one sure way to truly give help to someone with a leaking pocket is to first of all, seal the holes in the leaking pocket and after that we can then begin to experience growth and increase in that pocket

But, the sad reality is this,

if your only hope of getting rid of h-pylori bacteria is through orthodox medications, then your chances of truly terminating h-pylori bacteria from your digestive tract is near impossible

Take for example;

Strong antibiotics is one of the leading cause of All Stomach Ulcers. Now when you go to the hospital to see the doctor, guess one of the medications he must prescribe to you?

Strong antibiotics of course!

they tell you that its for getting rid of the h-pylori bacteria (the same antibiotics that causes and worsens ulcers) (this doesn’t add up, does it? Who is fooling who here?)

Orthodox procedure for treating ulcer;

Most orthodox treatment procedure for ulcer works by following this very procedure;

  1. You go to the hospital to see the doctor
  2. You’re diagnosed of ulcer after undergoing some tests
  3. He will prescribe you the following meds. (Pay attention)

Meds to block the pains you are feeling right now which is omepraz***

Meds for eradicating h-pylori bacteria which is strong antibiotics

Meds that can cover the ulcer sores to prevent stomach acids and pepper etc. from getting into the sores (these are the Gas**l, Gav**con etc.)

The brand of med you will be given might differ, but their functions usually falls within the 3 categories mentioned above

Now, here is a BIG PROBLEM!

The Orthodox procedure for treating ulcer as stated above never WORKS, it has never and can never give you a lasting / permanent cure for your ulcer

Have you ever in your life heard of anyone, anybody at all that started suffering ulcer, went to the hospital and received a permanent cure?

If the orthodox treatment procedures outlined above truly works, then you won’t be on this page today search for permanent solution

The good question to ask yourself is; why is your ulcer not completely gone even after several years of taking orthodox medications?

The answer is simple; The Orthodox procedure for treating ulcer is a failed system. Period!  

Let us call a spade a spade.

Should we tell you why it’s a failed system??? 

Okay, now look at it from this angle,

We are all in businesses right?

What’s one of the major reasons for going into business?

To make profits right?

There is something else, other than just making profits, which every business man desires.

This thing is called Consistent revenue/profits

Those in the pharmaceutical industry are not exempted, they want to make Consistent revenue/profits too.

And In other for this to be achieved, there must be a system that keeps people coming back every blessed day.

There need to be a force strong enough to keep people coming back for more of what they have to offer

I regret to share this bad news with you my dear friend, but, these systems of consistency and repeated purchase were established on health problems with a high driving force (the Driving Force in this case is PAIN and FEAR)

Ulcer has a high driving Force (PAIN) 

Diabetes has a high driving force (FEAR) 

High blood pressure has a very high driving force (PAIN and FEAR)




Health Problems with high driving force are the backbones and the money spilling machines for the pharmaceutical industries and this is the singular reason why they will never give you the final cure for it, even though they have it)

Your continuous walk into the pharmacy to get Ulcer meds and other meds is what keeps their business going everyday

One thing I want you to know my dear friend is this;

Today you have the power, the absolute power to exempt yourself from the list of people who have been permanently sold to Ulcer meds for the rest of their lives

Here is the

Permanent Solution


All Internal Ulcers

The world’s number one, most effective and most reliable solution to all internal ulcers is the;



kill ulcer herbal mixture by cfd wellness

This product has only one MAJOR FUNCTION; 



Just as the name implies KILL ULCER  uses a strategy called reverse-orthodox to kill ulcer COMPLETELY and PERMANENTLY

The ultimate end goal of kill ulcer is to Completely Kill and Bury Ulcer permanently

And surely, you will personally experience the end to your ulcer ordeal

kill ulcer herbal mixture by cfd wellness

This is the power you need to banish ulcer from your life forever and ever

kill ulcer herbal mixture by cfd wellness

The kill ulcer is that very effective ulcer killer that you have been searching for


After using this product you will come to realize that all those years of searching was never a waste


and that this kill ulcer is really worth all the wait and waste of funds on products that didn’t work in the past


kill ulcer herbal mixture by cfd wellness

Kill Ulcer contains certain special Herbs that join forces with your stomach digestive juice to create thick, mucus like substances

This mucus like substances covers the ulcers on the stomach walls completely and CURBS any further bacteria activities 100%


because h-pylori bacteria gets access to our stomach walls when the natural mucus like substance that protect the stomach walls from stomach acids dries off, usually during periods of fasting etc.


With the massive formation of more of this mucus like substances, H-pylori activities would be completely mitigated and brought to a halt


This mucus like substances covers the ulcers on the stomach walls completely and prevents, Stomach acids, pepper and other pain triggering substances which we consume from getting into the open ulcer sores and this completely eradicates the need for stomach pain blockers like the omep***ole


When you start taking this KILL ULCER you will first notice that all the pains you used to feel has reduced substantially and also that most of the things that triggers pains when you eat them before doesn’t trigger the pains again, like beans, soda etc.

kill ulcer herbal mixture by cfd wellness


The plants have been given to us to serve as medicine for our body. 

Kill Ulcer contains certain premium herbs that eliminates, eradicates and flushes out all h-pylori bacteria from our digestive system

Some of these herbs were sourced from many countries around the world and their efficacy can be attested to by millions of peoples over many decades

This is why it is even more appropriate to refer to the Kill Ulcer as A Miracle in a Bottle

The herbs in The Kill Ulcer eliminates h-pylori more effectively and yet it does not create any counter effect on the Ulcer itself.

Unlike orthodox approach to eliminating h-pyori bacteria by using powerful antibiotics (which has a terrible way of worsening ulcers)

This product contains powerful and effective, natural healing herbs.

The herbs here are not only healing in nature but regenerative in nature.

They do not only heal the internal ulcer sores but enforce the proper and complete healing of ulcer sores through regeneration of the body.

The simplest way to put it is this “the internal ulcer sores would heal. Whether the ulcer sores likes it or not”

The cfd wellness kill ulcer is simply “a miracle in a bottle”

You cannot make use of this product and still look elsewhere,




Mr callistus from Akure Ondo state shares his wonderful experience using the kill ulcer

Mrs Brenda from Rivers State

Do you know that ulcer almost destroyed my whole intestines, if not for GOD that intervened?

This thing called ulcer really took a great part of my enemy (not me) but thank GOD I overcame

I got to know about the KILL ULCER from my house help, who after noticing all the hell I was going through told me that there is a product I should try, that this product is what saved her mother’s life

I doubted this house help very well because she is the very stubborn type that always cause me frequent talks and complains in the house.

But later I decided to give it a try and that was it, that decision to give it a try is what led to the end of my ulcer ordeal

The Kill Ulcer is working like mad, its working like… i don’t know… you just put in the word that best describes a very effective product

The kill ulcer delivers results very well

An excited and satisfied customer – Mrs. rose shares her experiences so far using the kill ulcer 

More Voice Conversation with Kill Ulcer Users



is manufactured under excellent and approved conditions.

it has passed through numerous rigorous tests to get to you 

The Quality and Efficacy is Unquestionable



GMP certified

(good manufacturing practice)













The current price for the

Kill Ulcer

in 2023 is;

N30,000 Naira

per pack

During promo time last year 2022, we had previously offered;

20% discount from the price at N24,000 Naira 

The number of order exploded like wild fire and over 26,000 people used the kill ulcer to

treat their ulcers permanently



And this time around its bigger and better


42% discount

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Standard Treatment

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Premium Complete Treatment

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Never Miss this opportunity

Because we will never roll out this kind of offer ever again!

No business would continue to offer their products at a price that gives the business zero profits 




Dear Customer;

Do not let the present state of the economy or your perceived magnitude of the cost value of this product stop you from getting something that would ease your pains and better your health

Because, if in the next minute your enemy drops dead, life would still go on 100% without you.

who will then take care of your children and grandchildren?

It’s only the dead person  that has truly lost in life.

Can you also take a few seconds to imagine all the hell you have gone through with ULCER?

All the sleepless night and pains?

All these can be STOPPED 100% 

All you have to do today is, place your order and start using this miracle in a bottle


(that’s all you have to do)

Life in general, peace of mind and freedom from pain is extremely valuable, we should do our best to preserve and get these things no matter what it will cost. 

Even if not for our sake 

but for the sake of our children and grandchildren who needs their parents and grand parents blessings 

You are not going anywhere o!

You must testify to total freedom from ulcer

whether you like it or not

So, just do your own part and leave the rest for the Maker of heaven and earth who can do and perfect all things including your total healing from ULCERS.

Newly Added!

Here is some newly added benefits you will get for ordering for this product. we will send you;

1. Kill ulcer advanced dosage strategy to help end the severe pains as fast as possible

2. Correct list of all the things that trigger ulcer pains, especially list of troublemaker foods to avoid 

3. A Lot of Professional Advice and Tips on what to do to ensure you get 100% maximum results 


all the hard work already done for you

Just swim in results 


Please Note that all the above mentioned informations would only be sent your WhatsApp number AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE PRODUCT


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